Commercial Property Services


Duct Cleaning

Pressure washing


$2m Insured

Waltham, MA, USA

Max Assist Property Management has over 25 years experience providing on-site support services including:


-Build-outs & Repairs


-Emergency Services

-Pressure Washing

-Scheduled Maintenance

Serving Boston and surrounding communities since 1995.  Our building maintenance technicians are equipped with both experience and ingenuity to provide a multitude of building support services.

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Owned and operated by Max Assist Property Management

Commercial HVAC System Care & Duct Cleaning

Healthy Duct Property Services provides experienced assessment, cleaning and restoration of your commercial HVAC system.  A free, non-obligatory assessment provides insight into:


-Cost savings

-Health benefits

-Odor elimination

-Allergen reduction

Increase energy efficiency by eliminating ‘drag’ in your system by potentially harmful contaminants.


Moisture testing and anti-microbial applications to prevent mold, mildew, algae, and their associated odors and health risks.

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